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May 5, 2010

A Fun Superhero Story

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In a Waldorf first grade, every letter sound is introduced through a story. The story is told first, and allowed to digest; then, the children are asked to remember the story, and are finally introduced to a letter sound from a prominent thing or character in the story. (F from a story about a Fish, for example.) That way, the sounds of the letters come alive in children’s imaginations, and become linked to the letter in a real and living, rather than a dead and abstract, way. Now that spring is really underway, the children are bouncy and happy, and ready for stories that are less contemplative, and more lighthearted. So, I wrote this story to introduce the sound of “ng” or “ing”. After they had entered into the story and enjoyed telling it back to me the next day, they were eager to discuss “ing”, and make a list of words that can end with “ing.”

The Story of Action Girl

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lisa, who loved to sit in her room, drawing pictures. Drawing pictures was her favorite thing in the world. She loved to draw trees, and horses, and flowers, and castles. But most of all, she loved to draw superheros. She made up all sorts of characters, such as Talking-to-Trees Boy, Climbing-up-Clouds Woman, Swimming-Really-Fast Man, and her favorite, Throwing-Fire-Fairy. Each one of her superheros had a special power, such as seeing in the dark, or zipping to any other place in the world with a snap of the fingers. Some days she just made up characters out of nothing, but more often, she liked to draw superheros based on her friends. Tom, for example, was Super Strong Man, and Megan was Ogre Woman. But she never drew a superhero identity for herself, because she just could not think of what she wanted to be. “Maybe I could turn invisible…” she thought to herself. “Or maybe change into any color. Or maybe…” but she just couldn’t decide on anything.
Then, finally, it dawned on her. She drew the most wonderful, super Superhero she had ever created yet. This superhero could do anything. There was no limit to what she could accomplish. All she had to do was imagine it, because that was her power. Being able to do whatever she could picture in her imagination. She decided to call her Action Girl.
After that, Action Girl had many adventures in Lisa’s drawings. She vanquished bad guys, saved whole cities, and sometimes even saved the whole world and the whole universe. Lisa began to draw a series of portraits of Action Girl, each one of her doing a different kind of action. They hung all about her bedroom, with captions underneath that read “running,” “jumping,” “flying,” “swimming,” “diving,” even “singing.” In that picture, Action Girl was using her magical voice to remind all of the flowers to come back in the springtime, after an evil witch had put a spell on them to keep them below the earth.
One day, when Lisa was running around outside, pretending to be Action Girl, she saw something glittering in the grass under a tree. She ran over and bent down, to find a strangely shaped crystal nestled by the tree roots. “Strange,” she said. “I would have noticed that there before. I wonder where it came from.” She tentatively picked it up, and when she turned it over, she saw some words written on the bottom: I AM A MAGIC DREAM STONE. I MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. “Make my dreams come true?” wondered Lisa. “That sounds like fun! But I wonder if it actually works…” She wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do, picking up something like this when she didn’t know where it had come from, or if somebody had lost it. But she could not contain her curiosity, so she pocketed it, and went dashing home.
At home, she sat down to dinner with her mom, and gobbled her food just as fast as she could. She went upstairs and took out her stone. “Ok stone,” she said, “I wish for a chocolate birthday cake!” But nothing happened. “Ok,” she said, “that didn’t work. I wish for a puppy.” ┬áStill nothing happened, so she tried rubbing it like the magic lamp out of the legends. But still nothing happened. She threw it, and banged it, and jumped on it, and wished as many wishes as she could possibly think of, but none of her wishes came true.
“What good are you?” she said to it at last. Feeling tired out, she threw it under her bed, where she shoved all the extra things that were lying around, whenever her mother told her to clean her room. Then she flopped into bed, pulled up the covers, and fell asleep.
That night, she had a dream that she was Action Girl. She was fighting against Nasty Man, the scariest bad guy ever. He was larger than a house, and when he stepped, the ground shook, and buildings collapsed. He was heading towards town, to wreck all of the houses, but Action Girl flew up onto a rooftop and called out to him. “Hey Nasty Man!” she cried. “I’m going to get you! You can’t get away with this!”
When Nasty Man saw Action Girl, he came right towards her. He reached out one of his huge, hairy hands to catch her. She panicked, trying to think of what to do to defeat him. His hand came closer and closer, until… she woke up.
“Oh,” said Lisa, stretching. “What a strange dream!” The sun was shining outside her window. It looked like it was going to be another beautiful day. She got out of bed, and was about to pull a T-shirt and some shorts out of a drawer, when a loud, thunderous THUMP! shook the floor so hard that it knocked her down. “What was that?” she cried. She could her her mother downstairs, crying out the same thing. As she pulled herself back up, she caught a glance of the mirror across the room. What she saw made her stop and stare in amazement. It was not plain old Lisa who was staring back at her, but Action Girl, all geared up and ready to go!
The THUMP! sounded again outside. “I must be dreaming,” she said to herself. “I must still be asleep.” Then she thought of the crystal that was lying under her bed. What was it that was written on the bottom of it? I MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. “Oh no!” Lisa groaned. Outside, another loud THUMP! sounded.
“Ok then,” said Action Girl. “If that dream really did come true, then I really do have all those powers. I am the only one who can save the town from Nasty Man!” And with a blink of her eyes, she found herself outside on the roof of her house.
“You can’t get me, Nasty Man!” she called out.
Nasty Man turned, and when he saw her, he reached out to grab her with his huge, hairy hand. It was just the same as what had happened in her dream. His hand came closer until he grabbed her, and she was suddenly being lifted up, and everything was dark except for the cracks between her fingers. But she called out, “you think you can get me that easily? Well you can’t! Because I’m shrinking!” And as soon as she saw herself shrinking in her imagination, she really did shrink, until she was so small, she fell through his fingers.
“Haha,” laughed Nasty Man in his gruff voice. “Now you’re falling!”
But Action Girl cried back, “No I’m not, I’m flying!” And so she was. She wheeled around through the air, and flew in Nasty Man’s face like a mosquito or a black fly. But as Nasty Man kept trying to swat at her, she realized that this wasn’t the safest thing to be doing. Quickly, she zoomed back to the rooftop, and there she collected her wits while she was growing back to her normal size.
“Growing!” she cried. “That’s it!” Quickly, Action Girl leapt off the rooftop, but before she even fell to the ground, she had grown large, twice the size of Nasty Man, and her feet hit the ground as if it had been just a short hop. “Take that, Nasty Man!” She shouted.
But Nasty Man only began to laugh, and throw balls of fire at her. They simply poofed up out of his fists, one after another.
“Oh no,” thought Action Girl. “Now I’m… Running!” She ran and ran, so fast that the fire balls didn’t hurt her. But Nasty Man came after her, and he was running pretty fast, too. She ran away from the town, as fast as she could go, which was pretty fast, because running fast was one of her superpowers. Nasty Man chased her the whole way, which Action Girl was glad about, because it meant he was getting farther and farther away from the town. They ran until they finally came to the sea, and Action Girl shrank back to her normal size and began flying again, out over the waves.
“Bet you can’t catch me!” she called out. “I’m flying!”
“Oh yeah?” called Nasty Man. He waded into the ocean, and came out to where she was flitting about, and grabbed at her several times, but kept on missing. But then he began to throw fire again, and Action Girl realized that this wasn’t safe at all. “I’m diving!” she thought, and instantly she cruised down, down towards the waves. Then she sliced into them with hardly a splash, and she was swimming. The fireballs were hitting the waves above her, and going out. “Phew,” said Action Girl, “That was a close one.” She wanted to stay safe for a while, so she began breathing underwater. After some time, she calmed down, and realized that the deep green of the sea around her was very beautiful. Nasty Man swiped his clumsy fists into the water for some time, trying to catch her, but finally he gave up and headed away.
“Oh no,” thought Action Girl. “He’s going back to the village!”
But just as she was about to rise up out of the water and go flying back after Nasty Man, something green caught her eye, far below. It was huge, and long, and moving back and forth under the waves. “I am… seeing better,” said Action Girl, and her eyes became as clear and sharp as if she were up on land, and not looking through deep, murky water.
“Why, it’s a sea serpent!” She realized instantly that the sea serpent could be useful, so she enacted the latest power that came into her imagination: Talking to sea serpents.
“Oh sea serpent,” she cried, in sea serpent language. “You must come and help me! Nasty Man is trying to destroy my town!”
When the sea serpent heard her, he rose up under her, and she clung onto his slippery, scaly back as he rose with her out of the water. He had great, huge wings, which he stretched open as they broke the surface. Up into the air they rose, and Action Girl spoke to the sea serpent to tell him which way they were going. By the time they got back to the town, Nasty Man was there, and he had already crushed two houses. “Oh no!” cried Action Girl. But the sea serpent, who was positively monstrous, looked down at Nasty Man, and thought that he would make a good snack. So he opened his jaws, and with one gulp, he swallowed Nasty Man up for his lunch.
“Oh thank you,” said Action Girl, as she flew up off of his back. “Thank you, brave Sea Serpent!”
“On the contrary,” the sea serpent replied. “Thank you for helping me to find such a filling, tasty lunch!” Then he turned back towards the sea, and flew off.
Action Girl flew down to the ground, and quickly used her super powers to begin rebuilding the two houses that had fallen down. After she was finished with that, she flew back into her own room in her own house, through the window that she had left open. She found the stone under her bed, flew back out to the forest, and then threw it away, as far away as it could possibly go. (Throwing far was also one of her superpowers.)
“No wonder I found it lying there so suddenly,” she said, as it landed far away out of sight. “Somebody else didn’t want it either!”
Then she went home to her mom, who was sitting in the kitchen.
“Where have you been, Lisa?” asked her mom. “I had the strangest dream that a terrible earthquake began destroying our town. But it must have been only a dream, because the houses that it had destroyed are standing outside, as whole as ever. Come sit down and have some breakfast.”
And that is just what Lisa did.

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